Atium Alloy Bow

Elementium Longbow

weapon (ranged)

Military Two-Handed Ranged Weapon

Group: Bow
Cost: Special – DM choice
Damage: 1d10
Proficient: +3
Ranged: 25/45
Weight: 2 lbs

Requirements: Atium Quiver must be equipped
Critical: +1d8 Damage
Enhancement: DC 17-20 grants bearer two attacks per turn.


The Elementium Ore “Atium”- (Air/Wind Element) is one of the most rarest and precious metals known to man. An Atium Bow has no string. The enchantment of this weapon is combined with a quiver also made primarily out of Atium Alloy. Once the PC/NPC draws its arrow a faint glowing illusion of a string appears. Without needing the effort to draw a physical string this bow offers any adventurer a dexterous capability.

Atium Alloy Bow

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